Dear Players,

We have prepared a guide that helps you get answers to your questions more effectively through the game's customer service.

In order to ask us a question or leave your feedback about the game, you should send a letter to our Support Team to let them check it for you. Here is how to contact them:

1.  Click on the Settings icon in the form of gear on the right side of the screen.

2.  Go to the last tab called Additional Settings.

3.  Tap the Support button to look at the articles regarding different in-game questions.

4.  If there is no answer to your question, scroll down to the button Contact Us and fill in the form.

By sending a message in this way, you can enter some important details such as a description and a screenshot or video of your question, which will help the Support Team quickly identify the case and find the best possible solution. Moreover, in our knowledge base, there is a lot of useful information and you can easily find answers and features of QS Games products.

In addition, if you would like to get advice about contests, you may also message us on our official Facebook page and we will be more than happy to assist you. However, for all individual cases, game help, and feedback you should contact our Support as described above.

In case of having technical issues, we advise you first follow these steps before writing to our Team:

1.  Try to clear the cache if it hasn’t been done lately

2.  Check your Internet connection and the version of your browser

The result of following these tips can be also sent to our Support for better assistance.

Don't be angry if the operators don't answer your letter right away because sometimes it may take more time to provide the best service! Our Support Team works on weekdays, so if you contact us on Saturday/Sunday, you will only get help on Monday. Please also make sure you create 1 ticket for 1 issue. You can send us all the necessary details in reply to the letter that will arrive in your mail as soon as you create a ticket. This rule has for many years allowed us to process all letters quickly and not get overwhelmed by the huge number.

We are always happy to help you!