What does account deletion mean?

Account deletion means that your account and everything associated with it will completely get deleted from the QS Games base. This means that your personal data, friends, resources, and progress, including all purchased items, ID, and rankings will be gone permanently and irretrievably.
Your account will get deleted within 25 days from the moment you confirm the deletion. Once you start the deletion process, you will be able to access your account without canceling the deletion. If you wish to cancel the deletion, please contact our support team. 

You can reset your progress if you want to save your data and other games. Details in this article 

Ways to delete your account:

1. On the site. 

Please open our portal and find your account info.
In the settings of your account on the site, there is a DELETE ACCOUNT button.
Press it and you will start the process of deleting all your information and game progress.

After detecting the wish to delete the account, you will see a confirmation window of your request. Also, there will be all the important information about the details of the deletion and the way to cancel the deletion within 25 days
You can read how to cancel the request to delete your account right here

2. Via game settings.

In the game settings, for your convenience, there is an option to request the deletion of your game account. Please go to the game settings (usually it is a gear symbol) and find the Permanent account deletion at the very bottom of the window that appears. 



When you click on it, you will see the confirmation window.


As with the other options for sending a removal request, you will have 25 days to change your mind and cancel the removal.

3. Through a letter to the game support.

You may always write a letter to our all three games support Team through Settings - Additional settings - Support - Contact us or send an email to play@quartsoft.com. To delete your account, we will need next details:

  • your game ID
  • the number of coins and pearls
  • your current level
  • email address that is connected to the account 

Do not forget to mention this information, so that your request for deletion is processed faster.

4. From your iPhone/Android device.

  • Open the settings menu in the game  and click on the "Your account" button;

  • At the bottom of the pop-up window you will see "Permanent account deletion" - click there;
  • If you have read the information provided and want to continue, click "Confirm";
  • Enter the word "Confirm" and click on the button.  Your account will be deleted within 25 days;

    If you change your mind about deleting the game, please contact our Support team.