If you have any loading issues on our website, please try to undertake the following steps:

- Check the internet connection or try to use any other device;
- Update your browser to the latest version;
- Load the game via other browsers (Firefox, Waterfox, Google Chrome);
- Check if your Windows requires updates;
- Turn your VPN on/off to see if the situation changes;

There are also three options for the reasons for problems with loading the game, and they are all related to the cache:

  1. when it is one of the first launches of the game on the site (everything is loaded and saved for the first time for the player, it takes time);
  2. the player's cache is constantly cleared and now the game loads for a long time because all the information from the player's world is saved anew;
  3. the player has a high level, and therefore it is necessary to load a large world, and it also takes time.

So the cache is important for the site. So the game will load faster if you don't clean the cache very often.
But if your game website still doesn't load, please contact our Support Team with all the details of the situation.