We're sorry to hear that you're considering deleting your account, but we understand that it's your choice, and we're here to assist you through the process. Don't worry, we made it as easy as possible for you! 

Here are a couple of ways to do it: 

  • Independently through additional settings

1. First, open Settings - Additional settings

2. See the blue inscription Click here? Click on it!

3. A confirmation window for the request to delete the account will appear in front of you. Press Confirm!

4. Enter the word Confirm manually and click on the green button.

Done! Your account will be deleted within 25 days.

  • Through our Support Team

Write us a letter through Contact us (which is located in Settings - Additional settings- Support button) with a deletion request. After a few clarifying questions, we will delete your account immediately.

🎮 No need to fret if you accidentally requested a deletion! Just shoot us an email as mentioned above, and we'll make sure to undelete your game world without any hassle!